Saturday, 27 December 2014

CPR does save lifes- but dont take my word for it!

With CPR being in the news recently, I am always asked whether CPR actually makes a difference.
It does and sometimes according to the British Heart Foundation, it can double a persons chance of survival.
This is why CPR training as part of a First Aid course is so important.
And this story in The Mirror from October is a great example.

The Mirror- CPR saves a man

“We want to make sure that every person has the confidence to jump in and take action, should they be faced with the worst,” 
“We need every school, workplace, community group and individual to join the Nation of Lifesavers and help make the UK a safer place to live.” Simon Gillespie, Head of BHF

Advice from the government on Snow and Ice Clearing

The following is from the website giving advice on whether to clear snow and ice from your or your neighbours drive or path.

“Countless lives have been saved and injuries prevented because of robust health and safety practices. But bogus excuses give real safety laws a bad name and stop people from taking action.”
"You can clear snow and ice from pavements yourself. It’s unlikely that you’ll be sued or held responsible if someone is injured on a path or pavement if you’ve cleared it carefully.

How to clear snow and ice

When you clear snow and ice:
  • do it early in the day - it’s easier to move fresh, loose snow
  • don’t use water - it might refreeze and turn to black ice
  • use salt if possible - it will melt the ice or snow and stop it from refreezing overnight (but don’t use the salt from salting bins as this is used to keep roads clear)
  • you can use ash and sand if you don’t have enough salt - it will provide grip underfoot
  • pay extra attention when clearing steps and steep pathways - using more salt may help"

We Travel to You !

Sometimes as a busy business owner, the thought of trying to organise your key personnel can be a nightmare at the best of times without having to get them on a First Aid course. If this sounds like you then maybe we can help.

Why dont you let us come to you- we are flexible and can tailor-make our courses to address the specific Health and Safety requirements of your particular trade.

We have run courses in weird and wonderful places from country manor houses to joiners workshops so give us a call and a wee chat- we will make it work for you too.

Friday, 26 December 2014

First Aid Courses in the New Year

We will be posting shortly details of our First Aid courses we will be running in the New Year. Wishing everybody a great and safe New Year!

Colinsburgh- Joiners worshop doing CPR