Water Safety Training

Training Courses Offered and Curriculum  

RLSS Lifeguard Training

  • As a qualified NPLQ 8th edition Trainer Assessor, we can undertake the ongoing training of your Pool Lifeguards and include AED (Defibrillator) training
  • Training entails:- 
  • Operational Procedures 
  • First Aid Basic 
  • Life Support and SCIM
  • Aquatic Rescue 
  • Supervision of swimming pools 
  • Lifeguards must have ongoing training and it is better to be Site Specific rather than generic - a minimum of 20 hours is required in 2 years to be able to renew this qualification. (NPLQ)

 Emergency Response for Swimming Pools- Duration 2 Days Recommended for Hotel pools

Approved and Certified
Emergency Pool Response 
Pool  Environment
Pool Safety Operating Procedure
Adult Child Infant use of face shields/ masks
Choking  Adult/ Child  Infant
Poolside Rescue
Water Rescue
Recover Submerged casualty
Suspected Spinal Injury to Stabilisation
 Aims of First aid
Unconscious Casualty   
Top to toe  Recovery Seizure
Blood loss theory  
Bleeding Shock
Wounds and Bleeding
Sprains and Strains              
Burns and Scalds

National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches(NRASTC)
6 to 14 hours depending on experience- Approved and Certified

1.Risk Assessment
            Pool Safety operating Procedure
            Class management and safety
            Non contact:
            S/S Reach throw, wade. Accompanied tow.
            Entry: Slip in, dive
            Contact tow: extended arm
            Surface dive

            First Aid
            Shock, bleeding, fracture
            Righting a pupil
            Casualty secure
            Rescue breathing

            Primary Survey
            Recovery position
            First Aid.  Asthma, diabetes
            Hypothermia, epilepsy
            Shallow water
            Deep water
            Horizontal lift
            First Aid:  Cramp, choking,
            heart  attack, burns & scalds
            Horizontal lift for spinal injury

5.BLS         DRABC
            First aid: Drowning, vomiting
            Air, water contamination
            Accompanied rescue
            Non contact tow
            Rescue breathing
6. Theory:
            PSOP, Class Management
            Emergency, SCIM
            Poolside rescue
            Water rescue    1m over 1m
            Stabilisation for Suspected Spinal Injury